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Great and smart surveys, much like great and smart conversations, have a natural flow and feel.So, what can you do to ensure your survey’s respondents feel like they’re a part of the conversion?And they suggested this peculiar cousin of ours might have taken great pains to dispose of its dead in the pitch-dark, hard to reach recesses of Rising Star.

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Question ordering: Your questions should appear in an order that makes sense.Think of a survey as a (slightly one-sided) conversation.One person asks the questions, the other one answers them.Credit: John Hawks In 2015 researchers caused a sensation when they unveiled more than 1,500 human fossils representing some 15 individuals, male and female, young and old, discovered in South Africa.It was an almost unimaginable bonanza, one of the richest assemblages of human fossils ever found, recovered from a chamber deep inside an underground cave system near Johannesburg called Rising Star.

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