Were updating your account for the better

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Apple delivers its i Phone software updates through i Tunes, so the first thing you should do is make sure you have the most recent version of i Tunes running on your computer.

To update i Tunes, go to the "Help" menu, and select "Check for updates." If i Tunes says you have the most recent version, you're all set to move on to Step Two.

At the very least, there would be better communication and admission of technical situations to maintain trust and integrity.

And, to play 'devils advocate': if sales reporting 'IS' correct within KDP, then compared to other authors sentiments who do publish on multi-venues, who also don't report a similar problem on other publishing platforms, it only supports not putting all of one's books in one publishing book basket (platform). Why would I want to give a monopoly to Amazon and burn other bridges? I also publish on B&N but sales are dead there but I suspect they will get better because I've been following their business moves. How cool that we can have our own "Publishing House".

This is exactly why, I've pulled all my books from KDP Select Renewal, and will be expanding my book selling venue options.

If enough authors do this, KDP just might be a bit more vigilant to sales reporting and correcting sales reporting glitches.

All I know is that my growth stopped in July and has not picked up. It probably sells reading devices but authors who "create content" should be careful about working for "free".

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You can download it if you like, but you don't need it to update i Tunes.

According password management company Splash Data, the top ten most common passwords of 2012 were: 1. In a section on their website about creating strong passwords, Microsoft recommends you use all of the following four categories when creating new passwords: By including all four categories in your password, you’ll be making it harder for hackers (and the programs they use) to guess what your password might be.

As mentioned above, remember to use different passwords that include all four categories for each site or account online that requires you to login.

However, the device can be safely accessed with the account having problems What may be happening ?

This may occur if the account whose password has to be update has changed its OU.

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