Updating websites html

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As @Erik Reppen asked, are you using a server or just opening files.

If it is the former I would recommend using a free web hosting site 000webhost or create a local environment with something like xampp Also try not-IE any time strange things happen : ) Been at this 6 years and didn't know anything about IE's obsession with the p3p standard leading it to basically !

It is a great tool for search engine optimization and web marketers or SEO specialists benefit from such features.

Word Press is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.

In this version, security improvements, further webkit deprecations, and more.

Read more The Budget API allows developers to perform background actions without notifying users, enabling use cases like silent push.

Most pages will use modules from original pages so you can copy but there will also be a forum page and a page that will have youtube video embedded. Each page will have graphic design, text and images - already cut to correct size- will be given to you.

The work is easy as most of it is copied from other pages or modules.

What is most important for me is that you are available immediately to start, that you can show me with other projects that you have the skills and ability, and of course that you give a good price for the work.It is constantly undergoing revision and evolution to meet the demands and requirements of the growing Internet audience under the direction of the World Wide Web Consortium, the organization charged with designing and maintaining the language.The definition of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. Well, it depends on your needs, how often you need updates done, and your budget. Word Press has become the content management system website software out there.When coding my website, I save HTML and CSS docs then refresh my browser to see the changes.However when I refresh the HTML changes are seen but the CSS changes aren't.

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