Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage arrays tgirl dating sites

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It has created the 3 vmkernel ports and each ones is bound to a vmnic, each vmkernal port has one active nic and 2 "not used", when i look at hte 3rd host and look at the i SCSI initiator port bindings, i can see all 3 active paths, however, when i look at host 1 and 3, one path says "not used" and as mentioned above, these 3 host are identical, im just lost as to why the last path is "not used" and yet the host host shows all active which is what i expected to see.

I have stuck some screenshots in a word document attached Thank you again for your help.

Please note that the SRM 1.x and 4.0.x versions are now EOL per plan.

See https:// works closely with each of its storage partners to drive towards mutual support of SRM at the time of announcement.

Of course I'm assuming you have a storage array which is supported for use with SRM.

It may be that you don't, and you would prefer to use VMware's v Sphere Replication (VR) instead.

Also note that the SRM compatibility matrix for a specific release only lists those arrays that are supported on the VMware SAN compatibility list (

device Category=san) with the corresponding version of ESX.

If you choose to proceed, you will be shown the current firmware version and the version to which you will update. When the update procedure completes, the update procedure will automatically send e-mail to your PS Series support provider and to the e-mail address you have configured for your support contact: [email protected]********** E-mail notification requires connectivity from the array to the Internet through the SMTP server at address Setting up for Email notification of update once new firmware has been loaded Update completed successfully. Waiting for secondary control module synchronization...After our Equal Logic PS6000 decided to go into a Net BSD Kernel Panic (crash) while performing a firmware update from version 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 using the Group Manager GUI, resulting in a firmware mismatch on our controllers, As advised by Equal Logic Tech support I performed another update to FW 5.1.2 using the CLI, with success.Using the CLI has its advantages, altough the process is a little more involved, ie copying the firmware to the array member using FTP then SHH to the member to execute the update, you do get to see what happens during a firmware update in more detail.Here is the process of performing a Firmware update using the CLI.I will be using winscp to copy the firmware TGZ file to the group member, winscp can be downloaded here, and Pu TTY a free Telnet/SSH client which can be found here.

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