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I couldn't drag myself to look in the mirror and never had confidence around the opposite sex. And that included special creams and a whole bunch of pills. Literally, streams running down her face – and cursing the acne that smeared her good looks. I had my cousin's wedding approaching on Saturday and did NOT want to attend. And at the end of those three months, there it was... I still can't believe how effective this actually was. By getting a copy of my new book, you'll be able to benefit from months of research. ” – Angelina Lee, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa – and looking into the mirror, at beautiful skin and a fresh, vibrant complexion? And suddenly feeling FULL of confidence and happiness? That's EXACTLY what "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours" will give you. Two FREE Skin Care Hypnosis Sessions – Worth - I'll send you a voucher for two FREE hypnosis sessions, "Cure Acne" and "Skin Care".

It felt like there was something missing – and that people couldn't see past my looks. Then it's good to meet someone that appreciates what it can be like... My daughter recently suffered from acne too, and tried everything from Accutane to Acuzine, from Derma Cleanse to Derma Pure Rx. I'd never thought of it until that moment, but it was an old-fashioned technique my grandmother taught me. And in just 72 HOURS, you'll experience the MOST AMAZING SKIN CHANGE you've ever witnessed! Now, less than a week later, I'm glowing with a peachy shine. How would you interact with the opposite sex – would you feel better, sexier? And the best part about it is that I absolutely 100% believe in this information. Worth over , they're yours to KEEP – even if you return the guide!

This outdated technique of scripts limits one's creativity and causes the lack of great hypnotist in the world.

There is no scripts in this book and it's one of the few books that is worth having. Igor have put the learning process of hypnosis to the next stage the way it was meant to be learned.

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It only took 72 hours to do – and it all came flooding back, as I began telling Stephanie my story. She thought my story sounded like an old American wife's tale. But she was at rock bottom – and followed my suggestions. Glowing with pride, knowing that her skin looked and felt great. Can YOU imagine enjoying perfectly clear, smooth, baby skin in just 72 HOURS from now? This guide will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to clear your acne. It worked for my grandmother, myself and my daughter. It's based on techniques the doctors will NOT tell you about. The 404 Self-Improvement Tips – Worth .95 - Discover the ultimate guide to keeping your body in great condition, with this excellent guide.

One week later, Stephanie brought home the first boyfriend she's had in over 18 months. It's not father's pride – she was literally glowing. It unveils it ALL – and you won't find ANYTHING even remotely like it anywhere else on the Internet! Techniques that are PERFECTLY safe and are available to ANYONE. Contains great information on health and fitness – as well as money, success and romance too!

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