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The owner of an imported cow will like it to deliver a female calf. If it’s a male calf then he will have no use for it and he has to feed it. The same will happen to these native breeds if not for activities like jallikattu.

With reduced availability of males, farmers will have to go in for artificial insemination, which is cost prohibitive and is directly in contravention of in-situ conservation.

Jallikattu as a source of pride and honor provides farmers the incentive to retain and rear these native bulls whose numbers have seen significant drops over the past two decades. The opponents argue that the depiction of the bulls as equivalent to family is potentially overstated, as when the Jallikattu is conducted, bulls are subjected to disorienting substances like alcohol or chili powder, which are anointed on the genitals of the animal.

Moreover, this also allays fears that communally owned bulls (typically in the care of temples) may not be replaced when they die out. They point to the suffering the bull sustains, such as instances where multiple people attack a singular agitated bull, and believe that being raised in an atmosphere of cruelty is hardly the ideal means of saving indigenous breeds.

The harvest festival of Pongal was celebrated recently over three to four days in the India state of Tamil Nadu.

These south India cultural attractions will provide you with an unforgettable glimpse into the south Indian way of life.

Jallikattu is a sport where contestants attempt to tame a bull and sometimes retrieve gifts like money or gold tied to the sharpened horns of the animal.

Typically associated with notions of masculinity, community pride, and honor, it is estimated to have a history dating back more than 2,000 years.

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