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A child of the twentieth century, it is as new and bright as the city around it. President Kerr has been nationally recognized in academic circles as the originator and the foremost proponent of the "multiversity concept. MURPHY is noted for his lucid extemporaneous addresses. Murphy "One of the finest universities in the Western World" is the goal which has been set for UCLA in 1970 by its farsighted chancellor, Dr. The youthful vigour which is so characteristic of this campus is a direct result of the influence of the chancellor. It is among the most modern tools of man's creation. in outer space, inside the nucleus of the hu- man cell, in the foibles of humanity. He has sought to maintain the integrity of the University of California while allowing each campus to develop its own individual personality and specialties. HAGAR, Oakland resident and Chairman of the Regents of the University of California, wields the gavel at all meetings of the group which decides the policies administer- ed by UC President CLARK KERR (right). Murphy gives full credit to the tradition and organization of the statewide system, yet believes that UCLA should reflect its own distinctive personality as well. 'W % fo M* of contmn H yol.45-645o Cam % UNIVEk Sf TY 15 5ENIOk5,1964,and graduat»» 57 th* 1964 YEAR, fall and spring 113 your STUDENT GOVERNMENT 189 the ATHLETIC yar 277 fall and wintmr tport* 2 tpring'Summf $port§ 335 campus LIVING GROUPS 357 Mororitim* and fratmrnitiot 365 dormitori^t Aintramuralt 471 •ditor-david m. sfon* From each person's unique vantage point, the faces of UCLA are varied and endless as the patterns of a kaleidoscope. Murph V • i tk * T- "The Many Faces of UCLA: Stu- dent faces on campus are one of the most impressive character- istics of UCLA. THOMAS DAVIS, the Regents of the University of California, have the power to make all decisions and policies for the statewide university, handle its finances, and plan for the future. Mark 468 Milre, Christine 396 Milchell, Larry Senior Modabber. At the sometime, they symbolize the variety of images recognized as UCLA by different individuals. The sixteen regents are appointed by the governor of the state for sixteen year terms.

The Expanded TK approach gives districts an option to use a combination of local and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding to offer school readiness opportunities to children who might not otherwise have access.

There has been recent concerns over SOPA and PIPA, and even more significantly the closure of Megaupload and other download sites.

This represents an erosion of many years of archiving by valued sites such as Snesorama and Retro Mags, to name but two. These insidious actions by the governments and corporations of the world are tantamount to mass book burning.

If that simile upsets a few people, then good, because the destruction of our electronic cultural heritage upsets me deeply.

We are losing I just wanted to share this article from PC World's website.

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