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That having been said, it does not mean that Christians can never hold hands or hug, or even kiss, when dating - but it does mean that a certain sense of propriety is to be maintained at all times.This means refraining from sex during the courtship or dating phase of a relationship.

To understand which characteristics are important to users in deciding whom to contact, regression models show the relative strength of a variety of attributes in predicting how many messages a user with those attributes will receive.

A young friend of mine was struggling with issues of intimacy in dating, particularly as it pertains to Christians, and she asked me for my perspective on the whole realm of proper Christian dating behavior.

Well, I told her, Christians absolutely have the same right to date as anyone else, but we live by a different set of standards - God's Word - and we are bound by those standards.

So, does this mean gender roles in dating are a thing of the past? Studies of online dating still show large behavioural differences between women and men in how we choose and contact potential dates.

A simple model can show how this is possible, and how cultural protocols and expectations can be difficult to shake off.

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